Earlier today, I posted a picture of a note left on an online Publix sub order I made. Over the years, I’ve been posting funny messages on there when I order my subs online that have said “Can I have this on Cuban bread? I love you” to talking about caring for my sub like a baby. It has been met with positivity and laughter in the past. But I admittedly went overboard on today’s note, not realizing how someone could take the comment very differently. There was no ill-intent behind this whatsoever, and I was just trying to get a laugh. But clearly, it missed the mark and many people took it as sexual harassment. This was not my intention at all and I apologize for that. And as I said repeatedly on my Instagram posts prior to deactivating, I would be willing to apologize to the Deli clerk in person who received this if they were offended by it. Shortly after the post I began receiving a barrage of messages attacking my character, calling me a sexual predator, a disgusting human, and labeling me as someone who sexually harasses women. Then I saw the unsubstantiated lies posted online about how I try to force my celebrity on women, got upset over being charged for eggs, and only being willing to write about places that give me free food. None of this is true, and was being propagated by nameless, faceless burner accounts. It was at this point the vitriol admittedly got to me. And for the sake of my mental health, I need to step back from the blog for some time. It's not going away. I am not going to stop promoting local restaurants or posting about delicious food in a town I love. Thank you to those who support me and what I do, and if you decided to unfollow because of the post, I understand. I’m not going away, I

just need a break.

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