Luke's NY Bagels to Open Downtown

Big news breaking now for all you bagel lovers out there. If you've seen my Instagram, you've seen me gush about these. Luke's New York Bagels has been selling their bagels out of both the Halo Potato Donuts downtown location and food truck for a hot minute now, and has quickly gained a cult following. I'm excited to break the news they will be opening up shop in the former LEJ Pretzel location on South Main Street. These Jersey transplants are bringing their 30 year old family bagel recipe to the masses.

While no time table has been set for an opening, they have the lease and are in the process of permitting and moving in equipment. The plan is to continue offering their bagels for sale at Halo Potato, while offering an expanded menu at their location. New flavors will include egg bagels, jalapeno, french toast, cinnamon raisin, and the ever popular Instagram darling; Rainbow Bagels. They'll also feature bagel breakfast sandwiches, pork roll aka Taylor Ham sandwiches, cold cuts, and even more options of their homemade cream cheese.

Tentative hours will be 7 AM to Noon from Wednesdays to Sundays, but that is subject to change. Keep an eye out on their Instagram (lukesnybagels) for more information as it comes out.

This is going to be a good one, folks. Their bagels are bagels.

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