Addressing the Cilantro Tacos Split

Earlier this week, Cilantro Tacos announced a splitting up of their Tioga location and Downtown location into two separate entities. The Tioga location will continue to be Cilantro Tacos, while the Downtown location is now Sublime Tacos. A bunch of folks have been asking me about this, so this is my account and take on the situation.

Truth is they have always been separate entities sharing the same name. The Tioga location is the evolution of the original location in the town of Newberry, ran by the Meth family, where the recipes originated and was started long before the food trucks came around and built up a name in Gainesville.

The trucks started with Sen, the brother of the Meth family matriarch, Sydney. He is also the one who started the location in downtown Gainesville. Both the Tioga and Downtown locations operated food trucks, and they operated together but separate.

There have always been some level of confusion among customers across the various iterations of the Cilantro Tacos name. For example, the trucks operated by Sen did not offer corn tortillas, Nate-Style tacos were only available at the Tioga location, there were pricing differences, and so forth. It was a difference in philosophy and direction that led to a name change that just made sense.

Both are still family, both have made significant contributions to the Gainesville foodscape, and both will now have the freedom to add/change/modify whatever they please. It's a win for everyone, and we get more choices. That's really it.

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