Opus Coffee (Innovation District)

The swell chaps over at Opus Coffee have opened their first stand-alone location, situated in the Innovation District at 800 SW 2nd Avenue. And soon, it’ll be joined by another stand-alone location in the 4th Avenue Food Park downtown (it’s going to be a really cool concept). This is all excellent news for the coffee lovers among us who do not work at the hospitals or are frequently injured.

The bright, modern space serves up your standard coffee shop menu items like lattes, espressos, pour-overs, and drip coffee using their own locally roasted energy beans from just down the road. Also available are teas (hot/cold/latte form) and excellent locally-made pastries from BakerBaker that include a variety of croissants, danishes, muffins, and more all for under $3 each. Their expansive offerings also include some sandwich options for $6.25 and under, desserts like a chocolate espresso cake, brown, and pecan pie bar, while their grab-and-go area features fruit, parfaits, dips, and salads for $7 and under.

Separating themselves from some of the other coffeehouses in town (and there are a number of very good ones) are several Florida beers on tap and a small wine selection. Even more so is a clear focus on nitro cold-brew based drinks and a series of espresso-based drinks that pay tribute to their Slayer espresso machine, these are both parts of the menu that very clearly stands out to me. You would be remiss to not order one of these items.

In particular, the AC Slayter (iced triple espresso, rice milk horchata, coconut cream, and cinnamon for $4.95), the Reign And Flood (nitro coffee, double espresso, organic caramel for $5.55), and one of the most refreshing coffee-based drinks I’ve had in some time in the Slay Like Bae (nitro cold brew, lemonade, pineapple slice, and cherry for $4.75). The latter of which is the perfect drink to simultaneously give you a boost to your day, and fight the Floridaness of Florida when it’s at its peak Floridadom outside. If you’re new here or have a particular affinity for humidity, I mean when it’s burning hot outside.

If you’re not the type to venture out, not to worry, I’m happy to report there is a Pumpkin Spice Latte on the menu for all you Ugg Boot lovers out there. But if the other choices seem overwhelming, you can rest easy as well. Flights of both nitro cold brew and beer are available, which includes four 6-ounce pours each at $9.55 for coffee and $10.45 for beer. If you’re feeling like both, you can get 2 pours of coffee and 2 pours of beer on a flight for $10.00 because this is America.

This is a short and sweet write up, and I know coffee houses are one of those things where everyone has a strong opinion on their preference, but there are enough good ones in town to be there for everyone. This one in particular is pleasurable to both my palate and aesthetic. Kudos to the Opus team for a more expansive menu and some creative items. This is a spot that will definitely be a great option for the ever-growing Innovation District. Even if you don’t work/live in the area, it’s a worthwhile visit.

Parking is available along 2nd Avenue or in a small adjacent lot to the west of the building, and they’re open 7 AM to 8 PM on weekdays and 9 AM to 6 PM on weekends. With this new Opus location, their upcoming 4th Avenue Food Park location, the new Concord Coffee in Midtown (shout-out to the 863), and the already existing roster of Volta, Maude’s, Karma Cream, Wyatt’s, Pascal’s, Coffee Culture, Bay Island, CYM, and more…there’s no reason to ever drink a cup of Starbucks. Ever.

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