Cymply Fresh to become Root & Pecker

I said I would have three exclusive restaurant announcements coming in the next few weeks, and the first of them comes today. While the Cymplify ice cream shop and gift shop have closed and are seeking a new space, with them, also goes the CYM brand. The coffee shop and Cymply Freshboth remain in business as they are separate entities with separate owners, but it’s time to branch out and move forward. Cymply Fresh in particular, have decided they are now ready to spread the wings a bit and begin taking steps towards their own brand, with future plans to open more locations in Gainesville and beyond.

The big announcement today is that Cymply Fresh will become Root & Pecker, named after the pork and chicken they serve (pigs root around and chickens peck). They’ve also adopted the mantra of “Real food. Intentionally Sourced. Made Well.” As they enter into the transitional phase, follow their page for updates on what to expect next. Expect an expanded menu and more changes to come!

What do you think about the new name?

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