Sabore's New Brunch Menu

Saboré​ recently unveiled their brunch menu and this past weekend, I finally had the chance to pop in and give it a try. Chef Valero spent months developing this menu of roughly twenty dishes, and it’s every bit the decadent and rich items that you’d come to expect of him. This is a restaurant that continues to push the envelope in Gainesville, and if you’ve ever had the pleasure of enjoying one of their Chef’s Table dinners, you’d know what I mean. There are items on this menu that don’t exist elsewhere in town. So if you’re looking for a “treat yo fine self” brunch or a nice place to take your significant-other to start your weekend, I would recommend this. Let’s delve into it.

There are the familiar items, albeit executed very well with premium ingredients. A Kobe beef cheeseburger on housemade brioche bread, classic steak and eggs, French toast made with the same brioche, classic egg breakfast, and the “Naked Bird” chicken & waffles ($15) make up their traditional menu. The waffles are the lightest, crispiest waffles I’ve ever had and are served with one of the finest pure Canadian maple syrups made by Deseve in Quebec. Oh, and they have just a little bacon in them to get that bit of smoky goodness the World Health Organization frowns upon. It’s serious business. Of course, you also have classic benedicts and omelettes as well. Chef’s Spanish roots come through in the Basque Omelette, made with shrimp.

As you scroll down your iPad menu, the items get a little bit more intense. How about the Huevos Estrellados ($15)? It’s a dish consisting of two eggs served with Iberico Ham…which if you’re unfamiliar, is pretty much the best melt-in-your-mouth ham you can put in your mouth. Trust me, I am a ham enthusiast. Not enough food? How about the Duck French Toast ($23)? Chef takes a thick slab of that housemade brioche and dips it in heavy cream, crème fraiche, and egg whites on the flat top before topping it with a fried duck egg, foie gras, and finished with some truffle honey. It’s some seriously intense stuff that is every bit as delicious as it is heart-stopping. Me? I love it.

If those items aren’t enough for you, how about the Sous Vide Eggs with Caviar ($35)? Yes, there is caviar on this brunch menu. White sturgeon caviar to be exact, atop a caviar hollandaise sauce, sous vide poached eggs, and brioche. The next time I’m hung over, this is going to be the dish that I want. Something about the saltiness from the caviar, the richness of the hollandaise, and the creaminess of the egg just make me very very happy. Oh, there’s plenty of brunch cocktails available too if you should choose.

While the price point ($10 to $35 a dish) may be too high for some people to visit regularly, it’s a worthwhile visit when you want to have a nice brunch or take someone out. I would recommend ordering 3 or 4 of the dishes and sharing them with your dining companion. Don’t be surprised to see me hanging out at the bar, staring at my duck egg and foie gras, crying tears of joy. Sabore offers brunch on Saturdays and Sundays from 10 AM to 3 PM.

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