Shila Korean BBQ = Copycat?

Many of you have been asking me about Shila Korean BBQ that is opening in the former Stonewood location. Through the countless construction and permitting delays, lack of public information, and questions, I've warned everyone to temper their expectations. Just last night, a reader messaged me and said the restaurant now had a website. As I was looking through the website, red flags went up again and again. So began another Ken Eats Gainesville Investigative Report.See, Shila Korean BBQ adopts an all-you-can-eat format. Their site states $13.99 for lunch and $18.99 for dinner or $23.99 for a "premium dinner". If one person gets the "premium" dinner at your table, everyone gets charged that much. There's also a 90 minute time limit for each table, kids only get 1/2 off pricing if they're between 36" and 52" tall, and the website is FULL of typos such as "customers are welcome to eat as mush as they like." Making your guests feel like Nazi Germany is not good policy.But something seemed very wrong as I looked for their Facebook page. I discovered a restaurant by the exact same name, with the exact same logo, exact same website, and ridiculous customer policies in Clovis, California. It had been opened for over a year now. Then the pixelated background on the Gainesville Shila site, typos, broken links, and lack of public news all made sense. Through some searching, I noticed the owners were completely different, and neither restaurant has acknowledged the other. But I needed to confirm. So I reached out to the Shila Korean BBQ in California and was able to confirm what I suspected; Gainesville's Shila Korean BBQ had nothing to do with the one in California. The one in Gainesville has used their logo, website, and even restaurant policies without permission. I spoke to the original location via Facebook and by phone, who confirmed they have no knowledge of the Gainesville copycats. Oops...

Original Website:

Gainesville Copycat:

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