Bahn Thai

Tonight, Ken Eats Gainesville almost became Ken Eats Salmonella as I ventured into Bahn Thai against my better judgment. A couple friends and I decided to go because we haven't been in quite some time, so it was time to pay visit to our favorite moldy motel Thai restaurant. If you've never been, this restaurant has been in dire need of remodeling and repairs that should have been done a decade ago. UF Scientists would likely discover new organisms if they inspected the crevices of this place. Unsurprisingly, we were the only table there. I ordered a Chicken Pad Thai, which has always been more of a gelatinous peanut mess than real Pad Thai, while two friends ordered Beef Curry and Chicken Curry. My Pad Thai came out as expected, the Chicken Curry was watery and generally looked sad, while the Beef Curry looked severely overcooked (later confirmed by the meat rubberband I tasted). But tonight's dinner came with a special surprise; raw chicken. That's right folks, not only was the chicken freezer-burnt and dry, but it was flat out raw. I apologize for the lack of photos, because I was too disgusted to have the presence of mind. I watched in horror as a friend, who is a fine chef himself, pulled out raw pieces of chicken one after another out of his curry dish. Alarmed, I began inspecting my Pad Thai to find numerous pieces that were raw as well. We explained this to our waiter, who was very friendly and apologetic. He informed the chef and we were told that the person prepping the chicken was inexperienced, and that's why the meat was raw. They may as well blame the rats in the ceiling, because I don't see how the PERSON THAT COOKS THE FOOD WASN'T TO BLAME. Meanwhile, my friend with the Beef Curry didn't have such issues because the meat on his dish was so overcooked, it may as well have been jerky. In a valiant attempt to save face, our waiter explained that his dish took longer because the chef wanted to make sure it was cooked. Oh he cooked it alright, but he didn't bother to make sure the chicken wasn't undercooked. That's unfortunate. Disgusted, I refused their offer to make another dish for me and left without eating. I opted for a beautifully cooked Pork Chop at Leonardo's 706 instead. It's my public duty to tell my readers, please don't eat here. But it's likely they'll be closed before any of you get the chance to make this mistake.

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