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My name is Ken, I've lived in Gainesville for the last 15 years of my life, but I have been eating since I was born.


When I'm not at my day job in the finance industry, I enjoy exploring new restaurants and good foods. As an advocate of eating local, I was unhappy with the biased restaurant reviews by other local publications that sometimes trade honesty for political correctness.


What began as a Facebook page to pass the time in between jobs, grew to almost 6,000 "likes" before launching a stand-alone site in June of 2014. Unfiltered, honest, and not afraid to tell it like it is, KEG has gained popularity for its willingness to express its opinion.


Through the success of KEG, I've had the opportunity to speak at the Innovate Gainesville Economic Forum, with the UF students with the Society of Professional Journalists, and Hume Honors College. KEG has been featured on CNN Headlight News, WCJB TV-20, WHOA GNV Podcast, OutintheVille, and in magazines like Gainesville Today, Gainesville Neighbors, Our Town, and Gainesville Magazine.


When I'm not writing reviews, I enjoy writing music and working on my other projects; Gainesville Cars & Coffee, Non-Humans of Gainesville, and more.


My mission? To celebrate Gainesville and to promote local restaurants. But at the same time, I want to keep the bad ones honest. It is my hope that anyone who reads this page will discover a new spot to visit the next time they're feeling hungry.
















































Feel free to reach me any time for any reason at

keneatsgainesville@gmail.com or find me on Facebook or Instagram.

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